Interesting local projects

Image 1

Geothermal holes in under three hours

Vancouver, BC

Drilling a test hole for a future UBC law library geothermal extension project, a sonic rig was able to bore past 300 ft. and complete the hole in two hours and three minutes. No other drill exists that could do the job any faster.

Image 2

Sonic drill buzzes through buried track

Victoria, BC

Over the years, sonic drilling has been used for many fascinating projects but none more so than drilling inside a building and through hidden railway track.

Image 3

Piling quicker and quieter with a sonic

New Westminster, BC

Any condo complex under construction can certainly test the patience of those who live and work nearby but nothing is more taxing that the repetitive pounding of a pile driver.

Image 4

Ancient fern discovered in sonic core

Tumbler Ridge, BC

Crews from Sonic Drilling Ltd. were amazed to discover a fossilized fern leaf in a recent core sample taken on a project in Tumbler Ridge, BC.

Image 5

The numbers say it all

Vancouver, BC

A geothermal installation at Langara community college became the setting for a duel between old and new technology.

Image 6

Sonic pile-anchors unveiled

Surrey, BC

Kept secret for a year until patents could be filed, sonic pile-anchors, which allow a building to rest on top as well as be bolted and anchored to them, were finally unveiled.

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