Sonic Pile-Anchors Unveiled

A Seismic Leap Forward

It’s taken more than 50 years for sonic drilling research to come full circle and back to one of its earliest uses as a pile driver. Today, new sonic piling technology is far superior and set to revolutionize the construction industry as well as help create new revenue streams for drilling companies.


Canadian engineer, Ray Roussy, who originally patented and successfully commercialized modern sonic drilling technology, is the inventor of this latest development. In a move that had been anticipated for nearly a year but was kept secret until patents could be filed, Roussy recently announced his new sonic pile-anchor, which allows a building to rest on top as well as be bolted and anchored to it.


Representing a huge leap forward in securing building foundations, especially in vulnerable seismic areas, Roussy’s patented sonic pile-anchors provide exceptional earthquake protection by preventing buildings from shifting or separating from their foundations – a significant cause of damage and death.


“In addition to the seismic benefits of sonic pile-anchors, using a sonic drill rig to install them also provides a number of advantages,” says Roussy, president of the Sonic Drill Corporation and Sonic Drilling Ltd. “It can be done efficiently, with no pounding, in tight spaces, with minimal noise and without impacting adjacent structures.”


“Plus, on larger piling installations, there’s no need for cranes or heavy equipment while smaller projects can be quickly and easily completed…so there’s a lot of opportunity to save on costs,” he adds. Roussy’s award-winning sonic drilling technology is already used in almost all drilling applications and around the world on six continents.


Drilling 3-5x faster through mixed soils, using no drilling mud (so less mess to clean up) and able to provide continuous core samples, sonic drilling technology has been embraced by many industries including mining, geothermal and environmental.