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Environmental Testing

With our ability to provide continuous core samples to 300 ft. and beyond, sonic rigs are sought after for environmental testing and remediation work.

  • Gas stations
  • Dam remediation
  • Hazardous sites
  • Mine reclamation
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Building Construction

Typically used during the construction of a building's foundation, sonic drill rigs excel in difficult soil, sloped sites and tight access locations.

  • Foundations
  • Cast-in-place piles
  • Sonic pile-anchors
  • Commercial and residential
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Geothermal Installations

Sonic drilling technology has allowed a number of geothermal installations to exist in ground conditions that were considered impossible.

  • Municipal buildings
  • Condo complexes
  • Sports arenas
  • Single-family residences
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From water wells to mining, sonic rigs have been used successfully around the world on six continents for a variety of exploratory drilling projects.

  • Mine sites
  • Resource exploration
  • Water wells
  • Ground penetration

Drill 3-5x faster through difficult soil conditions

Meet the fastest drill in town! Start out with the right rig to get the job done.

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Get accurate continuous cores to 300 ft.+

Get the information you need before making a final decision on land use. Put a sonic to the test!

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Core, case, loop and grout in one operation

Conventional drilling can't do what we do. Get the patented sonic advantage for your geothermal installation!

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