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Sonic Drilling Ltd. uses award-winning, patented sonic drilling technology that was developed right here in British Columbia. Located in the greater Vancouver area, we offer a fleet of sonic drill rigs that are used in various applications including building construction, geothermal installations and environmental projects. Our technology is used around the world and across six continents.

About the company

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Developed in British Columbia, our sonic drilling technology is now used all over the world but we've never forgotten how it all started.

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Need a rig with some special capabilities like being able to drill 3-5x faster through difficult overburden material? Look no further!

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We're a very busy company which means we're looking for drillers and driller assistants. Let's get together over a cup of coffee and talk.

Ready to reserve your rig?

Let's get started! We'll need to schedule your project so please fill out a rig reservation and project details form.

Once we receive your forms, we'll get right back to you with some follow-up information and/or questions. Please give us as much notice as possible since we are often booked months in advance. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call Jackquie Grant at 1-604-588-6080. Need an estimate first? No problem...we've got a form for that, too.


Get the sonic speed advantage

The sonic drill rig is an amazing example of revolutionary technology; boring 3-5 times faster (depending on the type of soil conditions) without the use of drilling mud and capable of providing continuous core samples to depths of more than 300 ft. (100 m). Our ability to rapidly drill and sample challenging formations provides the most cost-effective solution for environmental investigations.

Core, case, loop and grout in one operation

Using patented drilling technology developed by the Sonic Drill Corporation and used exclusively by Sonic Drilling Ltd. in BC, geothermal holes are drilled 3-5 times faster than any other method. Plus, we can core, case, loop and grout in one operation. In gravel and boulder ground, where other rigs experience great difficulty, sonic technology can easily penetrate tough terrain to provide an economical geothermal installation. Our time-on-site is measured in days, not weeks.

Ideal drilling technology for sensitive sites

Due to its unique non-intrusive abilities, sonic drilling technology has often been used (and specifically requested in government contracts) for sensitive projects such as environmental investigations, dam remediation, nuclear site exploration and hazardous waste site reclamation. Because vibrations from the sonic drill bit are not transmitted very far beyond the drill, penetrations can occur into very sensitive areas such as critical eco-systems, unstable terrain or vulnerable situations where traditional drilling would cause more harm or be impossible to complete.


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